JASE knows that social media plays a significant and cool role in your overall inbound marketing plan. While social media allows you to engage with your consumers and stress brand awareness, a solid social media strategy also leads to sales.

While content marketing is a huge aspect of your social media plan there are other ways to pull in new followers and fans on your social media platforms and turn them into customers.

Mashable agrees and created a list of six ways to turn your fans and followers into customers.

  • Get your search on: create twitter searches for your brand, products, services and anything else that may interest your customer. Engage with those who are searching for your product or service and steer them in your direction.
  • Use images to engage: according to the article, photos drive twice as much engagement on Facebook compared to just text. Use photos of your products, customers in your products, your business in your community and other images to engage with your Facebook users.
  • Host a competition: everyone loves a little healthy competition, especially social media users. It’s a great way to engage with followers and offer free goodies from your company. Make sure contests are tailored to your brand and consumer.
  • Spice up the platform: make sure you are offering something different and fun on each of your social media platforms to engage consumers. Create a distinct message and purpose for each platform.
  • Make it personal: followers and fans want to feel like your messages are tailored to them specifically. Make sure you are answering questions, offering feedback and listening to feedback. Humanize your brand on your social media page by increasing your engagement.
  • Let your customers shine: allow your customers to share their stories with each other through pictures and testimonials. Not only will it make them feel appreciated but it will allow someone else to talk about how much they love your brand.

The perfect social media strategy for your company can help increase your business. JASE creates the perfect social media strategy as a part of your overall inbound marketing plan. If you are looking to take your business to the next level contact JASE for a free inbound marketing assessment. If these tips helped you please share them with others.

Social Media Explainedimage credit: ChrisL_AK on flickr


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