Every once and a while we experience a day when Facebook or one of the other social communities is having serious reliability issues. Other days we are forced to learn a new series of changes to use our social communities, even though we did not ask for them. After these days, we must remind ourselves, after all, it is a free service.

Do you want your business strategies relying solely on free services where you have no control? No, you don’t.

A social media strategy for your business must be a part of a larger inbound marketing strategy that centers around your website / blog where you have 100% control over your domain. You control the content. You control the ads (none preferably). You control the inbound links. You control the power and the message. And you control the reliability and the ability for your sponges to get to you on the web.

We are not knocking Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIn or Foursquare. We love these communities. But we know their roles in our organization’s success – they are support staff, not the featured platform.

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  1. Seth Mueller

    You nailed it, Cameron.

    Social media are tools that we utilize to implement an integrated marketing strategy. Facebook and Twitter are not enough to increase sales and must be utilized within the broader organizational strategy if you want to see results.

    I wrote a similar blog post that’s a 30 second read. I think you’ll enjoy it!


    Best regards,

  2. Cameron Muro

    Thanks for the comment Seth, I definitely agree with you. It is one of the harder points to drive home to clients and potential clients. The allure of social media is bright, many business owners feel they can be successful with social media alone, and it is just not possible.

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