Our video selection for today comes from LockerGnome.com and its creator Chris Pirillo. In the video he responds to a question from a follower asking if social media should be used for marketing. Check out the video and see for yourself:

Chris makes some pretty good points for why social media is essentially marketing and how they work hand in hand. While this is a great illustration, where most owners fail to differentiate is branding and connectivity, which is social media and inbound marketing – bringing consumers to you.

To explain further, social media is a part of inbound marketing where social media can create traffic to your website as a part of inbound marketing strategies. Where the real difference occurs is that while social media is a great way to brand your company and connect with your consumers, creating quality content, like the blogging process, is what will bring consumers to your site; social media is just the medium that can bring them there.

How does your business use social media to grow? Leave us a Facebook comment below and let us know.

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