Social media has become the quickest and easiest way to market to consumers.  The benefits of incorporating social media into a business marketing plan are endless.  It can unquestionably enhance your already in place strategies such as trade shows exhibiting and attendance.

As stated before, these shows are a perfect opportunity for owners, buyers and managers to meet existing suppliers, network with distributors or colleagues, conduct business meetings, and investigate new products. Using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin can assist in getting the most out of pre-trade show, during trade show, and post-trade show.

Pre-trade show marketing is critical
  • Your Facebook business page allows you to set up an “Event Page” to educate your customers and friends and advise them that you will be attending a particular trade show and invite all to visit you at your booth.
  • Another pre-trade show idea would be publicizing the event on the company twitter account with a #hashtag and start a twitter trend about the tradeshow!
  • Next look for other relevant vendors, customers, competition, media sources and follow all of them.
  • Make your exhibit a check in location on Foursquare so attendees are able to check in and find one another. All your social networks should be easily found as a button to click on from your website.
There is no time like trade show time
  • Post the trade show attendees and customers’ questions for you on your company Facebook and Twitter account.  It is a great way to engage your audience in conversation and while you are at it, update your Event Page for the tradeshow to let people know that the first 15 people in your booth receive a 10% discount or prize.
  • If your company has a blog, it is a great time to provide updates on what is happening at the show and provide live footage.
  • The live footage can also be posted on a company’s YouTube channel to give those who missed the show a chance to take a peak of what your company is showcasing.
  • Even if your staff gets busy with the show it is imperative to provide a few updates on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
After the trade show, let your customers know about it

It is time to pack up and head home but let your social networks know that your business’ presence is not ready to go home. Recap the event on Facebook, Twitter or blog as a status update or by creating a post-show event to discuss takeaways from the show. Use the momentum to continue conversations with those new followers on your social media tools and follow up.  After the show is the time to turn those leads and new contacts into customers. Engage them with topics from the show via social media tools, send them more information about your business and close the sale.

Are you looking for a social media strategy to take advantage of your next trade show? JASE can help you customize a social media solution for your business.  Let’s get started today! 

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