I was reading a post from Scott Brinker, with Search Engine Land, the other day, and got a chuckle out of his adaptation of “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Brinker said he has been working on this for a couple of years; I think he did a great job with it and wanted to share the click-through rate poem with you.

‘Twas The Moment Of Click-Through (A Visit From Saint Click)

‘Twas the moment of click-through, and all through the site
    All the pages were crafted to bring visitors delight
    The images were placed in the layout with care
    Along with the headlines that perfectly paired

    The tracking scripts were nestled, all snug in the page
    To measure performance at each purchase stage
    The variations were ready for a good A/B test
    To discover which versions would convert prospects best

    Landing pages were added to match ads even more
    Leveraging the secret to a great quality score
    “Now Facebook, now Twitter,” the marketer cried
    Enabling site links to be spread far and wide

    Respondents were segmented with a choice and a click
    Receiving the right content and offers right quick
    Behaviors were noted so the whole team could learn
    How to do even better when respondents returned

    And as the traffic arrived, through the funnel it went
    From pre-click to post-click to money well spent
    How the dashboard twinkled as the conversion rate soared
    And the marketer knew there’d be joy on the Board

    As the conversion rate multiplied, the marketer winked
    “Conversion optimization rocks, don’t you think?”
    And you could hear her exclaim as she drove out of sight
    “Happy click-throughs to all, and to all a good night!”

Of course this is a cute poem perfectly adapted for the holiday season, but Brinker does a fantastic job of outlining what should be the foundation of any business’ inbound marketing strategy. A business’ ability to effectively create and accurately analyze a marketing campaign will consistently set it apart from those who don’t. In the end, conversion is key, and we think this was a great way to briefly explain the steps necessary to increase conversion.

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Dartboard Bullseyeimage credit: timsnell on flickr

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