Once the popularity of Instagram exploded on the iPhone, the two developers knew they had changed the way users share and edit photos.  Short thereafter, Instagram was acquired by
Facebook to create an enhanced mobile photo sharing experience.  The two entities vowed to grow and build this app as users continue to share their creative visions on social networks.

Web developers saw a need to take the mobile app to the web, hence Statigram was born. Developers claim Statigram is the best Instagram app on the web
and has an excellent web viewer to view photos as thumbnails with details or photos at their full size.  Their biggest competitors are Extragram, Stickygram, Blurb, Webstagram
and Inkstagram.  What sets Statigram apart is that it will break down the statistics for each Instagram photo including, what pictures are most popular, top tags, followers, as well as the
comment tracker function.  It is as easy as using your Instagram login credentials to log into this free web app.

Using this program can be beneficial for companies or brands.  Statigram provides optimization tips about the best time to post and how photo filters influence engagement.  Also Statigram delivers pertinent information about those who are your most involved followers, suggestions on who you may want to follow based on your photo interests and people who don’t follow you back.

A new release is coming soon of Statigram so stay tuned for more statistical and graph tools and ways to manage your instagram persona online.  Let JASE Group help your company better develop your web persona.

StatigramYourWebPersonaimage credit: Felipe Vergara’s on Flickr

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