More Rumors of A New BlackBerry Running Android

BlackBerry hardware + Google OS (Android) = Success? Could this be a good thing for BlackBerry? Will this satisfy that CrackBerry keyboard addiction? Many thanks to our friends at CrackBerry for the images and leak information.


All-in-one Marketing Platform For Your Restaurant: Mobile Websites

It has been estimated that more than 60% of restaurant searches in 2014 were done with mobile phones. Let JASE make sure that your mobile website totally syncs with your main website. Let your JASE restaurant website do the work … Read More

RIM Name Change to Blackberry for Better Branding

What’s the best way to make a comeback? According to BlackBerry, change your name. In hopes of regaining the original #TeamBlackBerry, fanatics of Blackberry handsets that remained loyal to RIM when Apple introduced the iPhone, RIM has decided to change … Read More

JASE at the BlackBerry Store in the Charlotte Airport. Where has JASE taken you?

JASE went shopping at the BlackBerry Store. Charlotte, NC Thanks, Cameron!

Twitter Pre-Loaded on Smart Phones

The growing social media network Twitter has recently partnered with MediTek to embed Twitter into smart feature phones. The new partnership will allow Twitter to be preloaded into phones, similar to Facebook, resulting in little to no effect on the … Read More

The Right Inbound Marketing Plan Includes a Solid Mobile Strategy

Want to know how to save money and cut costs in your marketing budget? Want to experience getting found by more prospects and converting more leads into customers? JASE can help you get started with the right Inbound Marketing Plan … Read More

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins Says RIM Will Refocus On Its Core Strengths – Enterprise Devices & Services

Research In Motion was once the proud leader of the smartphone industry. It has seen its grip on that perch slide over the last couple of years, but RIM still remains a valuable asset in the business world with their … Read More

Mobile Applications Are Everywhere – Does Your Company’s App Solve A Problem?

Mobile apps are everywhere, over 500k for iOS, over 200k for Android, and on and on. There are mobile applications for every aspect of life and users flock to them like crazy; to the tune of 18 billion iOS downloads … Read More

1 Hour, 35 Minutes – How Are Tablet Users Spending Their Time

I have been pouring over the Pew Research Study just released on tablet usage in the U.S. to better understand how we at JASE should adjust ours/our clients marketing strategies. The data collected in the report has been interesting to … Read More

Coffee with the CEO: LinkedIn for Business, with a touch of Inbound Marketing Strategy p.VIII – Q&A

Keith Parnell, @parnellk63, CEO, JASE Digital Media Coffee with the CEO – Question & Answer session on all things Inbound Marketing from the “LinkedIn for Business, with a touch of Inbound Marketing Strategy” seminar at Alpha College of Real … Read More

Apple’s CEO Claims Greater Market Share Of Mobile Internet Usage – Android Begs To Differ – But Is Either Really Winning?

Last week at the iPhone 4S launch, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook displayed a slide that said Apple had the leg up over Android in the mobile internet usage department. Today, comScore released the numbers to shed some light on who … Read More

Blackberry #1 In Foursquare Usage – More New Signups Than Any Other Mobile Device Platform

Foursquare made an appearance at the BBM Hackathon with some proud data they were excited to share with everyone in attendance. Since Foursquare’s integration with Blackberry Messenger, Foursquare has experienced huge success as a record number of users have jumped … Read More

BlackBerry Messenger 6 – BBM Integration With Supported Apps like Foursquare

RIM released BlackBerry Messenger 6 on Thursday with some new features that should please most of it’s 45 million users. BlackBerry Messenger has been far and away the most popular use of a BlackBerry and this update should look to … Read More

April 16 Declared @Foursquare Day in JASE-land

JASE Digital Media would like to join other 13 cities in proclaiming Saturday, April 16, 2011 as “Foursquare Day” here in JASE-land in Norfolk, VA. Members of the JASE team are avid users of the popular geolocation service and feel … Read More

Women Rule Social Networking on Mobile Devices

Keeping in tune with our statistics on social media this week, Nielsen reports that women tweet 10% more than men from their mobile devices such as iPhone or BlackBerry. Does this surprise you? What does this mean for your business … Read More