Coca-Cola Introduces Vending Machines for A Cause

Building on an almost century long relationship with the American Red Cross, Coca-Cola recently added a twist to its interactive vending machines – philanthropy. As part of a pilot program, select Atlanta Coca-Cola interactive vendors will offer customers the opportunity … Read More

Who Are Your Brand Advocates?

We all need a team of supporters behind us, whether in business or your personal life, having supporters makes it easier to reach your goals. Determine who your brand’s supporters are by understanding what the qualities of a brand advocate … Read More

Emotional Branding: Connecting with Consumers and Creating a Culture of Loyalty

The Virginia Peninsula Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently hosted Alan Hilburg on May 17. Hilburg is an emotional branding expert who has motivated CEO’s of many large organizations. He was most recently called in by … Read More

Google Paying $1 Million To Anyone Who Can Hack Google Chrome Browser

Can you imagine being paid to do something illegal out of the ordinary? That’s exactly what Google wants hackers to do. Google is interested in finding out about its security flaws in its Google Chrome browser, so they are willing … Read More

Who are you talking to? Who are your sponges? Who is your target audience?

As a small business owner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume you know your target audience – your sponges. Brand name loyalty is paramount for success in business. If a consumer looks for a particular … Read More