Using the Right List Class in .NET

One of my biggest pet peeves in .NET programming is that inefficiency is coddled, if not encouraged. This isn’t completely Microsoft’s fault – sometimes they provide great tools, but the tools aren’t used. A few weeks ago, I was handed … Read More

How to Use the Question Mark in C# & Where to Use the Question Mark in C#

Languages often provide shortcuts for common functions, sometimes called “syntactic sugar” – a reference to how they “sweeten” the syntax and make code easier to code or read.  Today, we’re going to take a look at three shortcuts that involve … Read More

The Stack and the Heap – the C++ Way or the C# Way?

Last week, in our article about “How Not to Code”, we mentioned in passing concepts of the frame, also called the stack, and the heap.  I’m not sure if the stack and the heap are supposed to be philosophies of … Read More