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JASE Office Reservations & Guest Management App Is Powered By The Cloud

One of the benefits of the JASE Office Reservations & Guest Management App is that it was developed for the cloud. Why is that important? The answer is simple: we are able to make the app more affordable to you … Read More

JASE Electronic Patient Records System Easily Adapts To Any Medical Practice

Electronic patient records are a helpful tool for a medical practice. The question that is most asked of JASE is, “Can my medical practice use electronic patient records?” This is the beauty of the JASE EPR system; it is adaptable … Read More

To The Cloud! Will It Work For Your Business?

If we were to pick the IT buzzword of the last two years, it would, without a doubt, be, “cloud computing”.  Microsoft is even running advertisements aimed at end users for their cloud-based software.  Though there is likely a marketing … Read More