Dilbert: Working Software Today May Not Work Tomorrow

Sticking with our tech theme for the week, does your software solution provider have your best interests at heart? JASE Technology & eBusiness Solutions image credit: dilbert.com

Stuffy Shirt + Gray Suit Innovation & Creativity

We are not naive enough to think that innovative and creative are at the top of the list of every client’s needs. But we are bold enough to make sure innovation and creativity are in every conversation we have with … Read More

Hiring a .NET / SQL Server Developer

JASE has an immediate need for a full-time / contract software engineer with extensive experience with the .NET Framework, including C# and VB.NET. The engineer will also have extensive experience and be proficient with Microsoft SQL Server. Position: .NET / … Read More

Let’s Grow Your Business with an Affordable Small Business Website

JASE Digital Media has been a partnering with small businesses since 1997 creating and developing award winning caliber advertising campaigns, and providing creative services through print and web design, eBusiness solutions through web applications programming, and inbound marketing solutions through … Read More

Lead Generation Management – Is Your Sales Staff Efficiently Pursuing Leads

I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, he owns a small business like us but in another industry, and we were talking shop. We were both talking about how business is still tough and about … Read More

Lead Generation is Good – Here’s How Your Sales Team Can Manage Those Inbound Marketing Leads

Small business owners all come across a similar problem. That problem is how to manage your leads once they are generated. Maybe you have one salesman (maybe it’s yourself), maybe you have a team of sales people that you have … Read More

Twitter Fanbois, Thanks! We Love Our Inbound Marketing Community!

As often as possible we like to take the opportunity to thank our inbound marketing community for following us. Yes, that’s you! We work hard to get out in the social communities on our blog and Twitter and Facebook and … Read More

Are scalar User-Defined Functions Ever a Good Idea?

Are scalar User-Defined Functions Ever a Good Idea? In SQL Server, you have the ability to create a user-defined function that can perform an operation directly inline as a part of a query. For example, consider an ordering system, which … Read More

SQL Server Denali – Sequences

The latest installment of Microsoft’s SQL Server database management system, codenamed Denali, is in the community technology preview stage, where it is available to developers for review. Among the numerous new features of what will presumably eventually become SQL Server … Read More

Efficiency Still Counts – Code Efficiency & Creative Efficiency

When I was in school, the question was often asked, “does spelling count?”  The implication was that the purpose of the particular class was to learn some other subject and therefore use of proper English was not necessary. Sometimes I … Read More

Making Social Media a True Leads Channel for Your Business

You’ve heard the local social media “guru” talking about setting up your Facebook page. And you’ve heard the neighbor’s kid talk about kickin’ it on Twitter and Foursquare. You understand there are millions of people in social communities these days … Read More

Not to get too technical … but …

Our eBusiness Solutions team loves technology! That’s the understatement of the year. The team is made up of software engineers, data engineers, information architects, and system administrators. And believe it or not, they work well together with our creative team, … Read More

Wouldn’t you rather have software built for YOUR needs?

Custom Applications for Your Environment Our team can create a wide range of interactive solutions to help your organization conduct business. From an online client management system to a simple contact form, all tools we develop are customized to your … Read More