My how technology has changed: A look at email in the 80’s

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How Much is a Facebook Direct Message Worth to You?

Facebook recently announced a new test message service that allows Facebook members  to pay $1 to send messages to non-friend members. Currently, if you message someone that is not a friend or associated with you through your friends, the message is routed to the … Read More

HARO – Connecting PR Professionals with Industry Journalists

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What is the Most Effective Way to Say Thanks in Business Speak?

What is the best way to say thank you to your customers? There are several options and some include handwritten notes, a quick email, or an incentive based email blast. Your customers like to be thanked so whichever method you prefer will be received … Read More

How to Market to Tablet Users with Their Preferences & Shopping Habits

Though nonexistent two years ago, tablet use has exploded. More and more individuals are purchasing tablets and using them in conjunction with their smartphones. This is good news for marketers. In a recent article Brafton, an online news and content agency, … Read More

Facebook Changes Default Email Addresses Without Telling Users

Facebook has certainly been in the news a lot lately. Some of it good, some of it bad. This time, Facebook ended up on the bad side of the news category. Recently, Facebook switched users default email address without telling … Read More

Outbound Marketing Is Color TV – Inbound Marketing Is 3D TV – Is Your Business Adjusting Sales And Marketing Strategies?

I read an article the other day from HubSpot listing 5 reasons why social technologies have replaced traditional outbound marketing strategies and why inbound marketing strategies must be adopted for your business to be successful. The reasons they list for … Read More

Get Your Google Voice Here

Google Voice is finally available for everyone, no invite necessary. Google announced this news on their Google Voice blog yesterday along with a flurry of videos on each major feature of the service. A little over a year ago, we … Read More

Get your JASEmail email Account Today!

Don’t wait. Get your account now. JASEmail brings you the following sensational features: * up to 50 MB of storage per mailbox. * up to 10 MB per message limit. * easy to use web-based JASEmail. * POP3, SMTP,replica longines … Read More