Apple was cooperating with the FBI at one point on the iPhone encryption issue

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said last week on Bloomberg West that Apple was cooperating with the FBI on the iPhone encryption issue until the topic became public. Once it became public Apple filed papers to protect them from cooperating … Read More

10 Tips to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

These are 10 great tips published by the Microsoft at Work team that will help you keep your laptop, and its data, secure while you travel the world. Be careful. There’s always someone stalking potential digital victims. Avoid using computer … Read More

Another Day, Another Security Breach

In the news over the last week, names, birth dates, email addresses, and encrypted password hashes were stolen from Sega’s “Sega Pass” network.  (In other news, Sega still exists.)  Several weeks ago, 180 passwords were stolen from an organization called … Read More

Data Encryption in .NET

The recent Gawker incident should serve as a reminder to all of us that password security is not something that can be taken for granted.  Gawker is a popular culture blog site and they own or are affiliated with a … Read More