Top 25 Most Viewed Blog Articles on in 2011

Do you really need a GUID in your Database Design? It’s Been Nice Knowing You, Flash Silverlight, Flash and the Future of HTML5 The Dangers of the Cloud – Apple Siri Goes Offline Adobe Drops Mobile Flash Player Development To … Read More

Television, Magazine, Newspaper – Tablet Users Say Their Tablets Are All They Need

The way people gather news is continuing to shift. Now that tablet computers are becoming more and more a household item, people’s need to get their news from television, magazines, or newspapers are decreasing. According the Pew Research Center study … Read More

1 Hour, 35 Minutes – How Are Tablet Users Spending Their Time

I have been pouring over the Pew Research Study just released on tablet usage in the U.S. to better understand how we at JASE should adjust ours/our clients marketing strategies. The data collected in the report has been interesting to … Read More

Delicious Rolls Out New Design – Latest To Join Social Media Train – Do You Social Bookmark?

Social media is ever changing and the past week we has seen changes from Facebook and Google+, and now Delicious has joined in on all the fun. Gone is the static wall of links and in its place is a … Read More

We Love the Flipboard App on our iPad – How Do You Use Flipboard?

We use tablets daily at our JASE offices in Hampton Roads. Our current tablet of choice is the Apple iPad, and we have really come to love one app in particular. Flipboard is that app and it is our favorite … Read More