Know Your Product. Know Your Brand Position.

Don’t overreach. Know your product, its capabilities, its influence on consumers, and your consumers’ perception of your product. JASE Brand & Identity Management image credit:

Strategy Behind the Brand

An effective brand strategy helps you anticipate consumer behavior, differentiate your brand from your competitors on a superior level, and attract loyal customers. The purpose of a brand strategy is to identify and map a plan for the executional development … Read More

Whose Word-of-Mouth Is More Important?

Word of mouth marketing is just that – word of mouth. Not your word of mouth. Your consumers’ word of mouth. As much as we like to think we are in control of our brand, we aren’t. Our consumers hold … Read More

Rebranding Gone Bad Leads to a Drastic Apology from Retailer J.C. Penney

The last few years have been hard for J.C. Penney. Within a two-year span the retailer fired and rehired its CEO Myron E. Ullman. He replaced Ron Johnson,  who was hired and fired from J.C. Penny after making  major changes to the brand … Read More

Identity & Reputation Management 101: College Graduates, What Does Your Digital Footprint Look Like?

Congratulations to graduates of the Class of 2013! Colleges and universities across Hampton Roads are conferring bachelor and master degrees on the next generation of small business owners, marketers, public relations specialists and social media gurus. As this new workforce … Read More

Brand Loyalty & Word-of-mouth: Two Peas in A Pod

What does your ad agency do for you to inspire “loyalty beyond reason”? Brand loyalty by your fans can be as powerful as word-of-mouth referrals in most cases. JASE Brand & Identity Management image credit: marketoonist