Behind the Scenes at the Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers Photo Shoot. Where has JASE taken you?

Photo shoots on-site with a client are so much fun. We get a unique perspective of their operations and also get to meet so many new friends in their customers. Here is a sneak peek of upcoming photos from a photo … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, May 18-24 – I look forward to coffee with you this week

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a fun, safe and relaxing Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. I’ll be short and sweet, just like our short work week, with the recap today as I’m sure you’re all as busy as we … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, May 11-17 – Do we have an appointment this week?

Sorry I’m so late getting the update out this morning. We have an evening photo shoot with a client today so I’m a little behind getting started. Our weekend: our granddaughter Jeri stayed with us for part of the weekend. … Read More

Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers Chooses JASE as Their Ad Agency

Another Fun Client! Iggles Cheesesteaks and Burgers Chooses JASE as Their Ad Agency

NORFOLK, VA, MAY 7, 2015: JASE Group, LLC is proud to announce a creative partnership with Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers restaurant in Virginia Beach. JASE Group, a creative design, communications and technology agency, will be redesigning the Iggles Cheesesteaks & … Read More

Lunch with A Client at Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers

We had lunch with a client today . . . at a client’s office: Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers in Virginia Beach. Oh, the benefits of having a cool client with dynamite food! Thanks Joe for the lunch meeting. And yes, it … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, April 20-26 – What an exciting week! Did you stop by?

Wow. I’m still reeling from last week’s excitement. Several fun people stopped by the studio to visit last week and we also received commitments from three new clients. The JASE family is growing; are you ready to step onboard? Friends. … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, April 6-12 – I look forward to seeing you this week.

A 4:30A journey to the office this morning gave me lots of time to reflect, because . . . well, I was the only one on the road. Last week was a sad week for our family while attending Nicole’s … Read More