Sports Performance Training & Life Consulting group, Massey Legacy Enterprises, announces JASE Group as their Digital Agency of Record

Massey Legacy Enterprises LLC Announces Partnership with JASE Group LLC NEWPORT NEWS VA, FEBRUARY 19, 2013: Massey Legacy Enterprises LLC today announced the selection of JASE Group LLC as their Digital Agency of Record. JASE Group, an innovative public relations, … Read More

Randy Wright & Associates Selects JASE Group LLC as Public Relations Agency of Record

JASE Group LLC ( will serve as the Public Relations & Inbound Marketing agency of record for Randy Wright & Associates ( of Norfolk, VA. Norfolk, VA, May 31, 2012: Randy Wright & Associates today announced the selection of JASE … Read More

JASE University Webcast Filmed On Location at Old Dominion University – Inbound Marketing: The Lifeblood of Today’s Successful Business

The lifeblood of a successful business today is Inbound Marketing. A solid inbound marketing plan that ranges from attractive, creative advertising campaigns into further information on strategic landing pages into lead generation into sales conversions and finally into measurement and … Read More

Top 25 Most Viewed Pages on in 2011

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Tune In to the Latest JASE University Webcast Recorded On Location at William & Mary Mason School of Business

A Look at B2B Inbound Marketing from 30,000 Feet Webcast Summary Stand-alone traditional marketing no longer makes business sense. Advertising campaigns are costly and consumers are paying less attention to traditional avenues like television commercials and newspaper ads. A strategic … Read More

Website Redesign – How Do You Make Sure You Get What You Want? Who Gets Involved? Management, Sales, Marketing, Tech?

It’s that time again … It’s time for JASE Digital Media to redesign its website to better deliver quality content to our consumers. Our teams are currently under way with the project and we look to launch in July, but … Read More

Lead Generation – The Ultimate Goal for Your Small Business Inbound Marketing Plan – Are You Doing It Right?

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JASE Group Named Digital Agency of Record for Dragas Management Corporation

JASE Group, LLC, d/b/a JASE Digital Media, an interactive advertising and marketing agency specializing in digital media, branding, creative advertising, inbound marketing, and social media, announced today that it has been named the digital agency of record for Dragas Management … Read More