CMOs Struggle To Manage High Quality Lead Generation – Can JASE Marketing Manager Help?

I read an interesting blog article recently from our buddies at Kuno Creative about Marketing Sherpa’s B2B Marketing Benchmark Study of August 2010, where they interviewed 297 CMOs. The study showed the greatest challenge facing CMOs is the generation of … Read More

How Do You Manage Your Leads To Convert The Sale? Do You Have The Right Inbound Marketing Software?

There is a good article from our buddies up north, Kuno Creative, that they published earlier this month referencing 5 steps to connect your lead generation strategy to your targeted customer. It was a great explanation on the proper use … Read More

Lead Generation Management – Is Your Sales Staff Efficiently Pursuing Leads

I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, he owns a small business like us but in another industry, and we were talking shop. We were both talking about how business is still tough and about … Read More

Inbound Marketing Rap – Keeping Your Business With It – Friday Video

Our world is current, it is instantaneous, it is viral. Because of that we are always looking for new information, and new ways to deliver that information. We found this video a few days ago from Hubspot which portrays a … Read More

To The Cloud! Will It Work For Your Business?

If we were to pick the IT buzzword of the last two years, it would, without a doubt, be, “cloud computing”.  Microsoft is even running advertisements aimed at end users for their cloud-based software.  Though there is likely a marketing … Read More

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What is JASE Marketing Manager? :: :: Let’s go have some fun! JASE Marketing Manager is a web-based Inbound Marketing toolset developed by JASE Digital Media. JASE has been in the software, leads generation, inbound marketing, and brand management … Read More