Web Browsers Proposing To Block Cookies By Default – JASE Inbound Marketing Delivers Measurability With Or Without Cookies

Mozilla recently proposed to block cookies by default on their Firefox browser. This proposal brought many cheers from internet users looking for more security while they browse the web. This proposal also brought a bunch of gulps from small business … Read More

Will Next Generation Of Web Browsers Incorporate A “Do Not Track” Feature?

It is being reported that when the next version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, IE10, is released it will have a do not track feature built in and already enabled. This would be a major development for digital marketers as we … Read More

Google Chrome SVP Sundar Pichai Says Chrome Is The #1 Browser In Most Countries

Microsoft Internet Explorer has been top dog for a long time in the world of internet browsers. Mostly because it comes preloaded on your PC. But has that changed? Google Chrome’s Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai, said last week at … Read More

Firefox Announces Plan To Block All Keyword Data Using HTTPS By Default – How Will You Adjust Your Keyword Targeting

In an article from Information Week, Mozilla, makers of the Firefox web browser, are reporting plans to block keyword data being transmitted over HTTPS. This change will bring major improvements in security and privacy to the 25% of internet users … Read More

It’s Been Nice Knowing You, Flash

Since shortly after its initial release in 1996, Flash has been an integral part of most users’ web browsing experience. By the turn of the century, it had reached (and still maintains) a presence on around 95% of desktop PCs. … Read More

Windows 7 and IE9 Task Bar Integration

According to the various sundry purveyors of browser and operating system statistics, Windows 7 either has passed or will soon pass Windows XP in popularity.  These statistics shouldn’t be considered especially authoritative as they represent something of a self-selected group … Read More

Browser Wars and Rapid Release – Do the Firefox quick releases make your head spin?

The browser wars continued last week with the release of Firefox 7, followed immediately by the Beta of Firefox 8.  For those keeping score, in the last six months and change, Firefox has gone all the way from unveiling version … Read More

Windows 8 – What does the Future of Windows look like?

Last week, Microsoft previewed Windows 8.  We don’t know when it will be released.  Microsoft said in October 2010 that Windows 8 was then roughly two years away. The central feature previewed is the new “start” screen (shown in the … Read More

Mozilla Unveils Firefox 4

In keeping in step with Microsoft, late last week Mozilla released Firefox 4 touting a completely faster, more efficient browsing experience. Early reports had Firefox at over 8 million downloads in its first 24 hours, leaving no doubt behind the … Read More

Does Internet Explorer 9 Suit Your Needs?

Last week Microsoft unveiled the newest version of its web browser, Internet Explorer 9, to the anticipation of many, if only just to see if it was any different than IE8.  Microsoft claims to have placed an “all hands on … Read More

Will Developers Finally Be Happy With Internet Explorer 9?

Since last week’s release of Internet Explorer 9, reaction in the blogosphere has been pretty overwhelmingly positive.  Winsupersite.com has an outstanding review.  HotHardware.com performed two benchmark tests – in both of them, IE9 blew IE8 out of the water and … Read More

What Software Is Your Organization Using That Is Beyond Its Support Lifecycle?

Microsoft’s new IE6 Countdown site says, “10 years ago a browser was born.  Its name was Internet Explorer 6. Now that we’re in 2011, in an era of modern web standards, it’s time to say goodbye.” My first thought, when … Read More

What ever happened to XBAP?

When Microsoft released Windows Vista and its new Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML Browser applications, or XBAPs, were highly touted as answering a major dilemma for enterprise-level systems.  When creating software for use in an environment with more than a few … Read More

Why Wouldn’t Developers Love this Feature of HTML5?!

HTML5 is the new standard for HTML documents.  It is currently under development and, though it is not currently due to be fully implemented for over a decade from now, some of its elements are supported in Firefox 3.5 (or … Read More

IE6 past its expiration date, says Microsoft

Guest blogger, Gregg Keizer, covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld. Follow Gregg on Twitter at @gkeizer or subscribe to Gregg’s RSS feed. His e-mail address is gkeizer@ix.netcom.com. Microsoft is urging users to … Read More