What do your technology priorities look like?

How much thought do you give to your technology projects? Think JASEOFFICE.COM. Software apps should play a major role in your business success. Let’s talk about how. — JASEGROUP.COM KEITHPARNELL.COM — Keith Parnell has been the Chief Executive Officer of … Read More

Rainy commute before sunrise gives time to ponder JASEOFFICE.COM


#Ghent, #NeonDistrict, #DowntownNorfolk, #JASE on a rainy Friday morning. What’s up today?


JASE Office Social App

How To Publish Directly to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with the JASE Office Social App

We all have our favorite social community–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Now there’s a way to publish your company’s message to all three at the same time. Yes, that’s right, no more logging into Facebook, and then logging into Instagram, and then … Read More

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We are brainstorming this morning through the logical flow of the Social App in JASE Office that our clients use every day.

JASE Office Online Ordering App

Online ordering in your pajamas

Let your customers order from home, or on their smartphone while on the road, or on their tablet while sitting in Starbucks. Online ordering is now made easy with the new JASE Restaurant System!

JASE Social App

Helping you easily communicate with your audience

The JASE Social App helps you deliver the right message wherever your audience lives. JASEGROUP.COM/RESTAURANT

JASE Restaurant System

The perfect software for your restaurant

Each app fully integrates with each other so numbers flow into each report! Learn how much easier life can be at JASEGROUP.COM/RESTAURANT

Andrea's La Bella in Ghent

Food Photos Can Talk A Big Game

Bringing in a creative agency and setting up a formal photo shoot in your restaurant and kitchen is not always feasible, and doesn’t always fit in the budget. But there’s no arguing that the heart and soul of your business … Read More

Content Marketing is Gold. Gold baby.

“When was the last time you wrote that fun blog article? Two or three sentences and a photo–you’re gold.” Content marketing is too easy today. Photo. Video. Quality copy with SEO keywords. Google & Bing will love you. CHECK OUT … Read More

JASE Office Business Manager is coming to your front door

You service industry guys are in for a treat — a POS without the POS cost and POS pain-in-the-a$$ lack-of-features. JASE Office Business Manager will be your best friend in no time.

JASE Online Reservations

Easy-to-use Online Reservations. Your Guests Will Thank You!

Take reservations directly on your restaurant website. No more need for separate apps. No more opentable. No more freebookings. Fully integrated into your JASE Office system. Our app is designed to give you better control of your dining room. The reservations … Read More

JASE Online Reservations

Take Reservations On Your Restaurant Website

Our app is designed to give you better control of your dining room. The reservations feature will integrate with your current website and backend JASE Office dashboard. No more need for separate apps. No more opentable. No more freebookings. Fully … Read More

JASE Online Store

Introducing the new JASE Small Business Online Store

Do your customers have access to your business any place, any time and on any device? In this tech crazy world, one of the final pieces to the success of your small business is shopping online. Sure your customers can view your … Read More

JASE Restaurant Online Ordering

Introducing the new JASE Restaurant Online Ordering System

Do your guests have access to your restaurant any place, any time and on any device? Obviously they cannot have access to your restaurant when you’re closed, but when you’re open, do they? In this tech crazy world, one of … Read More