JASE at Lantern Asia, Norfolk Botanical Gardens

We visited Lantern Asia at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Where has JASE taken you?

Thanks, Jennifer, Cameron & Jeri for taking us to the Lantern Asia exhibit at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Baby Maclin Comes to Visit Our World

We were so blessed this past weekend with Maclin Hope joining our family. I am so proud of Jennifer & Cameron in how they have become wonderful parents. Now we have another amazing granddaughter to spoil along with Jeri.

Jeri Took Us To The Beach. Where has JASE taken you?

The first of the 3rd generation of the JASE family is destined to be the face of the company! Thanks for taking us to the Salvo beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Jeri.

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, May 25-31 — What time is our coffee meeting?

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Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, May 11-17 – Do we have an appointment this week?

Sorry I’m so late getting the update out this morning. We have an evening photo shoot with a client today so I’m a little behind getting started. Our weekend: our granddaughter Jeri stayed with us for part of the weekend. … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, April 13-19 – I enjoyed our chat

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Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, Mar 30-Apr 5 – Did we talk last week?

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Jeri Enjoys Her Mornings With Us. Where has JASE taken you?

Third generation JASEettes make for the cutest photos. Newport News, VA Thanks, Jeri!

Just like a politician, JASE is a favorite with the babies at a cookout. Where has JASE taken you?

Meet Jeri, of 2nd generation “JA”SE fame. @ Norfolk, VA Thanks, Jeri, Jennifer & Cameron If you have a photo with a JASE card, JASE koozie, JASE shirt, JASE golf visor, JASE pen, JASE coffee mug, JASE pilsner glass, or … Read More