Creative Couture Marketing: The Twitter Dress is Born

The use of celebrity spokespeople for brand marketing is hardly new.  From Troy Polamalu in the Head & Shoulder commercials to Michael Jordan and Charlie Sheen in the Fruit of the Loom ads, major brands consistently use celebrities as brand ambassadors. … Read More

President Obama, Lady Gaga Two Peas in a Pod

What do President Barack Obama and pop star Lady Gaga have in common? Well besides amazing singing voices – remember the President’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live? They are also among the many recent Twitter subscribers that have been exposed … Read More

Seth Godin and Lady Gaga and Me – You Can Go Pound Sand

This article was taken from our CEO’s personal blog. Keith Parnell is a regular blogger at and a participant here in our digital media world. It’s no secret that I like reading Seth’s utterings. He’s a fascinating individual. A … Read More