Measurability Is The Key To Marketing Success

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic childhood birthday party game. Blindfold the participant, spin them around and have them attempt to “pin the tail” on the donkey cut-out on the wall. It’s good laughs for all involved, … Read More

Landing Pages And Their Role In Sales Conversion

Landing pages are a “buzzword” term that many business owners have heard but maybe are not fully aware of their capability. Landing pages are an integral part of your sales process and your inbound marketing strategy and require some understanding … Read More

Changes to bitly and the Creation of Your JASE Inbound Marketing Strategy

With only 140 characters available to you on Twitter, it can be difficult to get the entire message out to your followers AND a link to the website of your choice. The website bitly, which was established in 2008, was … Read More

Lean-Forward Mediums Promote Natural Call-To-Action Response

A good internet video, says Kelsey Group analyst Michael Boland, can be more powerful than traditional advertising because viewers are sitting at their computers while viewing instead of on their couches. Watch a TV ad, and you’re likely to do … Read More

Coffee with the CEO: LinkedIn for Business, with a touch of Inbound Marketing Strategy p.VI [video]

Keith Parnell, @parnellk63, CEO, JASE Digital Media Coffee with the CEO – “As part of inbound marketing, you want to have a strategy [for LinkedIn] and start building connections. You’ll want to carry the connection off of LinkedIn and … Read More

Google Analytics Announces Webmaster Tools Search Queries Is Open To The Public

This summer Google Analytics announced a pilot for Search Engine Optimization reports using queries within the Webmaster Tools. Last week Google Analytics announced that search data is available to the public which is located in the Traffic Sources section of … Read More

Amazon – #7 Most Viewed Website – Web Design Strategy For Your Small Business

I read a great article from Brian Halligan of HubSpot the other day about Amazon and the web strategies they have employed to make them the #7 overall most visited site in the world. This list of the top 10 … Read More

Data Shows Design-driven Landing Pages Get Higher Conversion Rates. Does your Inbound Marketing Budget Allow?

Landing pages are often the one aspect of inbound marketing that gets placed on the chopping block before anything else. Just as in building a home, the landscape is often that last considered option in the package. The economy is … Read More