JASE Online Store

Introducing the new JASE Small Business Online Store

Do your customers have access to your business any place, any time and on any device? In this tech crazy world, one of the final pieces to the success of your small business is shopping online. Sure your customers can view your … Read More

JASE Restaurant Online Ordering

Introducing the new JASE Restaurant Online Ordering System

Do your guests have access to your restaurant any place, any time and on any device? Obviously they cannot have access to your restaurant when you’re closed, but when you’re open, do they? In this tech crazy world, one of … Read More

Baby Maclin Comes to Visit Our World

We were so blessed this past weekend with Maclin Hope joining our family. I am so proud of Jennifer & Cameron in how they have become wonderful parents. Now we have another amazing granddaughter to spoil along with Jeri.

Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac

Office 365 users: You may have just hit the jackpot. If you’re a Mac user that is. The much anticipated Office 2016 release made it’s debut late last week  and Office 365 users were able to get there hands on … Read More

Mac OS X Lion’s Signature Capture App a Huge Time-saver for Small Business

Apple’s new OS X Lion has one new feature that we think is pretty cool and will make signing documents easier than ever before. OS X Lion comes with a new version of Preview, it’s popular image and document reader … Read More

How many people do you think use Windows vs. Mac?

According to Net Applications via the Macintosh News Network, Internet surfers substantially prefer the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows: 92.52% Apple Macintosh: 5.27% Wow! If you listen to the propaganda machine called ‘Mac vs. PC’, the latest Apple advertising campaign, you would think … Read More