Let’s Focus For A Moment – Oh Look, A Squirrel!

Having a solid marketing strategy is probably the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign. But if you’re distracted by every little shiny new object that comes along, how do you know if it’s your strategy or your implementation … Read More

J.Crew’s Entire Fall Catalog on Pinterest

J.Crew placed their entire Fall catalog on Pinterest this week. If your company relies on visuals to sell, is there any doubt that Pinterest should be a primary medium in your social media marketing plan? Contact the JASE Social Media … Read More

Do You Have Time for Social Media?

Do You Have Time for Social Media?

That’s like asking, do you have time for advertising? Or, do you have time for marketing? You may not think you do, but if your business is going to be successful then you need to make time. And since there are … Read More

What? You mean, I’m not supposed to advertise to me?

Oh, the dreaded target market topic. Target market research is quite often the most difficult item in a marketing strategy conversation with a client. Understanding that “you” are not “your” target market is essential to starting off on the right … Read More

How Does My Business Attract New Customers?

It can be a frustrating situation. You have a good product/service. You believe in yourself, but you aren’t doing the volume of business that you would like. In a slow economy this is a problem that many small businesses face. … Read More

What is the Most Effective Way to Say Thanks in Business Speak?

What is the best way to say thank you to your customers? There are several options and some include handwritten notes, a quick email, or an incentive based email blast. Your customers like to be thanked so whichever method you prefer will be received … Read More

Social Media & Trade Shows

Social media has become the quickest and easiest way to market to consumers.  The benefits of incorporating social media into a business marketing plan are endless.  It can unquestionably enhance your already in place strategies such as trade shows exhibiting … Read More

Growing Your Business In A Tough Economy Requires Creativity

We often find ourselves in conversations with clients about developing budget line items against a marketing plan. As with a lot of small businesses, a marketing budget has not yet been established. Most business owners understand the importance of smart … Read More

Keith Parnell Speaking at Society for Marketing Professionals Services (SMPS) Event

JASE Group CEO, Keith Parnell, will be speaking at the 2011 Annual Strategic Planning Workshop for the Society for Marketing Professionals Services (SMPS) in Richmond, VA on September 30, 2011. The topic of conversation will be Inbound Marketing Strategies Supporting a … Read More

SWOT Analysis – Evaluating Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

We’ve had so many questions lately from various institutions and organizations about performing a SWOT Analysis for their initiatives. This is great. We’re glad we are being asked. But we are finding that further discussion is uncovering a few misunderstandings … Read More