How Original Are Your Ads?

We recently pitched a new ad campaign to one of our clients.  Long story short, their comments were complimenting and their reaction was full of excitement.  Original and catchy were two adjectives used to describe the new concept, which is … Read More

In Memory of All PowerPoint Victims . . .

Is there anything in the history of business meetings worse than sitting through a slideshow being read word-for-word? Can’t we find a more creative way to present our ideas than a PowerPoint presentation? image credit: marketoonist

Do You Feel Like Advertisers Are Stalking You?

If you feel like you’re being stalked more and more on the Internet, you just might be right–by advertisers. Ad retargeting has become a hot-button item again lately. The advertising strategy has been around for quite a few years but … Read More

Whose Word-of-Mouth Is More Important?

Word of mouth marketing is just that – word of mouth. Not your word of mouth. Your consumers’ word of mouth. As much as we like to think we are in control of our brand, we aren’t. Our consumers hold … Read More

Think Outside the Box Usually Means Think Inside the Bigger Box

When you hear, “sure, think outside the box,” that usually means there are still constraints you must follow. A lot of times people think they’re doing creatives a favor by saying, “think outside the box.” But in reality, they don’t … Read More