Apple Watch Review: Will You Be Purchasing One?

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Don’t let real-world statistics surprise you in the Board Room – Do your own research and analysis

For years now, we Americans have read on the Internet and watched on the news how India, China and Japan are leading the technology push across the globe. On one hand, I can believe the reports. I see first-hand how … Read More

From Heads of State to Heads of Companies, Twitter to Dominate Communication in 2013

Twitter is expected to become a de facto communication source for nearly all the world’s leaders in 2013, according to Omar Hijazi, managing partner to Digital Daya. In a recent study released by Digital Daya, the Digital Policy Council found 75 percent … Read More

2012: The State of Social Media

It’s official we have said goodbye to 2012. As we focus on 2013, we can’t forget the major impact that 2012 had on social media. We experienced PSY’s “Gangnam Style” garner the title of most watched video on Youtube, the … Read More

Infographics for Content Marketing

Infographics are a popular tool for content marketing. A nice balance of information and graphics, if executed properly, infographics can generate tons of free links and leads back to your website. Many marketers use them in their blogs, Twitter, Facebook … Read More

Garner the Attention of the Gossip Girls – Reach the Audience Informers in Your Industry

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New Technology Observes Ad Placement, Make Your Marketing Efforts Count

A new tool is allowing marketers to analyze how the public views banner ads. The technology is called the Real CPM and the goal of the software is to track eye traffic on online ads to see what appeals to … Read More

Finding Success on Google+

Google+, the social media network powered by Google, celebrated its one year anniversary on June 28. Since its launch many have tried to find a place to fit on Google+ and there are quite a few brands that are doing … Read More

Social Media and Your Local Community

On June 30, Mashable held its third annual Social Media Day. The event was created to celebrate the connected generation around the world. This year communities around the world held social media meet-ups in their communities in 275 various cities. … Read More

Doctor’s Live Stream Brings Attention to His Brand, Get More For Your Brand

On June 21, 2012, Dr. Robert Rivera hosted a live broadcast of a surgical procedure on Ustream, a website that provides various channels of live video streaming. The procedure, an implantable contact lens operation, is being used to educate patients … Read More

Where to find Millennials on Your Social Media Networks

It remains true that every brand will have to determine what social media networks can best fit the needs of the brand and its consumers. While it may often only include blogs, Facebook and Twitter there are brands that have … Read More

LinkedIn Gets Hacked!

LinkedIn, the professional social media network that links business professionals with each other was recently hacked. The security breach leaked 6.46 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords. The breach exposed the vulnerability of LinkedIn’s encryption system. LinkedIn responded to the security crisis … Read More

How is Your Brand’s Pinterest Board Being Viewed by Consumers?

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American Idol Breaks Social Media Records, Takes Advantage of Social Media Times

The Season 11 Finale of American Idol broke major social media records this year. Viewers of the show posted 1.2 million comments about the show on multiple social media networks during the two-hour finale. This season also garnered the most … Read More

Facebook’s New Analytics and Facebook Camera Help Your Customer Engagement

In addition to all the Facebook stock drama that has infiltrated the news, one of the most loved social media networks recently added new features to their network and iOS application. The new additions include a feature that alerts brands … Read More