JASE EPR Frequently Asked Question: Do I Need A JASE Healthcare Website To Use JASE EPR?

One of the questions that is asked the most of our JASE Electronic Patient Records System is, “What if I already have a website? Do I need a JASE Healthcare Website?” The JASE EPR system allows us to work with … Read More

JASE Healthcare Websites Brand Your Medical Practice And Connect You To Your Patients

A website is an important part of the branding process of your medical practice. It allows you to communicate your practice’s philosophy while providing another channel to communicate with your patients. A JASE Healthcare website can help increase trust and … Read More

JASE Electronic Patient Records System Easily Adapts To Any Medical Practice

Electronic patient records are a helpful tool for a medical practice. The question that is most asked of JASE is, “Can my medical practice use electronic patient records?” This is the beauty of the JASE EPR system; it is adaptable … Read More

JASE Healthcare Websites Allow Electronic Payments For Medical Patients

Convenience is a necessity for consumers today. They do not have the time in their lives that they once had. The same can be said for patients. One way to increase convenience for patients is for a medical practice to … Read More

JASE EPR Patient Portal Waiting Room Kiosk Speeds Up Patient Check-In

With JASE EPR’s Patient Portal waiting room kiosk, a medical practice has the ability to speed up patient check-in and increase patient services. The waiting room kiosk allows patients to complete a variety of tasks when they arrive to your … Read More

JASE Healthcare Websites Brand Your Medical Practice And Connect Your Patients

Patients want to know you can trust your doctors. Patients want to know that your life is in the best possible hands. Think about that experience that with your patients that changed their view of your medical practice, for the … Read More

JASE EPR: Patient Portal, Front Office Portal, Clinical Portal – Bringing Efficiency To Your Medical Practice

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JASE EPR Clinical Portal Streamlines Your Medical Practice With All-In-One Software For Providers

Patient information, diagnostic profiles & treatment options at your fingertips. Providers and clinicians have the ability to maintain patient records, track & prescribe medication, run diagnostic and treatment assessments, communicate with patients, view compliance progress and send lab results, all … Read More

JASE EPR Front Office Portal – Cut Costs For Your Medical Practice With Billing And Appointment Scheduling

With the advancements in technology, modernizing your medical practice’s front office has almost become a necessity. Sure, modernizing your front office can save your staff time and it can centralize critical information, but more importantly, it can make your front … Read More

JASE Healthcare Websites Build Trust With Your Patients

A successful medical practice begins with a professional brand. When your patients know your medical practice’s brand power and they trust in your name, they grow to depend on you. Your doctor’s office website is the perfect place to communicate … Read More

Looking for a Healthcare Website for Your Medical Practice?

A successful medical practice begins with a professional brand. Your JASE Healthcare Website is the perfect place to communicate with your patients and others searching for the services you provide. Creative templates, a content manager and powerful application plugins keep … Read More