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Excel Shortcuts and Functions that could rock your world

Do you rely on Excel regularly? Here are a few tips that could make you the office rock star. Jump from worksheet to worksheet with Ctrl + PgDn and Ctrl + PgUp. Jump to the end of a data range … Read More

Use Excel 2016 like a boss

Use Excel 2016 like a boss

We ran across some great new info on Excel from the Microsoft Office blog that we thought we’d pass along. Have you ever wanted to manage your time like a CEO, understand your cashflow like a CFO or analyze your … Read More

Power Pivot in Excel 2013

More Fun, Cool, Geeky Tech Info: Power Pivot in Excel 2013

Microsoft has issued more updates this week to Excel 2013. If you’re a fan of the most powerful software Microsoft has created, this is fun! Using Power Query with Power Pivot For data in Power Pivot that has been added … Read More

Power Query Updates in Excel

The Microsoft Office team in Redmond is at it again. Here is a quick recap of four updates they just released for Excel. Enjoy. Option to specify Join Type in the Merge Queries dialog It is now possible to specify … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, April 13-19 – I enjoyed our chat

Several people asked me last week about our weekly recap newsletters. Why talk personal? Why talk business? Why mix them in the same conversation? If you know me on any level, you know that JASE is my life and my … Read More

5 Microsoft Excel Features You May Not Know About

Microsoft Excel may be one of the most powerful tools in your office arsenal. Here are a few features that you may not know about. Sparklines Sparklines, first introduced in Excel 2010, are charts that provide simple visualization representations of … Read More

Shortcut Keys You Should Know in Microsoft Office

Do you work with Microsoft Office on a regular basis? If so, you’ll love this refresher on these essential function-key shortcuts on your keyboard. Have fun. Help. F1 is the Help key in almost every software program available, including all … Read More