Mac vs. Windows. iOS vs. Android. Ever wonder the real numbers?

Do you ever wonder how many Mac users there are in the world? Or how many Windows users there really are? Here is a no-propaganda-driven view of our real-world. Check it out and let us know if any of these … Read More

How Old Is Your Computer?

Yesterday we talked about computers that use outdated web browsers to surf the Internet and how these software packages can negatively affect your ability to view websites properly.  Today we’ll talk about your computer’s operating system. Before you discount the … Read More

Exploring the Windows 8 Preview – Metro Touch Screen Interface, Visual Studio & XAML Applications

Several weeks ago, Microsoft released a developer preview of Windows 8.  They provide three versions – a 64-bit version with Visual Studio, as well as 64-bit and 32-bit versions without Visual Studio.  As of right now, Windows 8 does not … Read More

Windows 7 Adoption and the Software Engineer

If the numbers from Netmarketshare are accurate, Windows 7 currently holds only a 23% market share.  XP holds a 55% market share.  Stunningly, there are still people using Windows 98 (0.03%) and Windows NT (0.19%). The lack of Windows 7 … Read More