Governor McAuliffe Applauds Microsoft’s Rural Airband Initiative in Virginia

“Expanding rural broadband access is a vital part of this administration’s work growing and diversifying the new Virginia economy and I am pleased that Microsoft has chosen our Commonwealth as one of the initial 12 states to launch this initiative. … Read More

A Windows 10 Review: Do It!

We downloaded and installed Windows 10 on our home computer a few days ago and haven’t looked back. A 2-1/2 hour install resulted in zero issues, zero bugs, zero lost settings, zero lost documents/photos. All-in-all, a perfect install and now what seems … Read More

Microsoft Office On Android Tablets

Microsoft announced this week that they’re increasing their partnership with 20 new Android tablet production companies. Microsoft is pushing to have its Microsoft Office apps on every platform, especially on their home screens. Will you be using Microsoft Office on … Read More

Bing Highlights Mobile-friendly Websites In Search Results

You may have noticed a slight difference in Bing search results this week. Bing has started to highlight mobile-friendly websites with a tag in the information below the search results. Microsoft looks at a few important factors when determining if a … Read More

RIM Name Change to Blackberry for Better Branding

What’s the best way to make a comeback? According to BlackBerry, change your name. In hopes of regaining the original #TeamBlackBerry, fanatics of Blackberry handsets that remained loyal to RIM when Apple introduced the iPhone, RIM has decided to change … Read More

Most Popular Technology Articles of 2012

Metro Design Principles for Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Xbox 360 Metro is the interface used by the Windows Phone, Windows 8 (the next version of Windows, currently in the preview phase), and the Xbox 360 (pictured below). Microsoft said … Read More

Will Next Generation Of Web Browsers Incorporate A “Do Not Track” Feature?

It is being reported that when the next version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, IE10, is released it will have a do not track feature built in and already enabled. This would be a major development for digital marketers as we … Read More

Microsoft Reveals Surface Tablet With Windows 8. Has The iPad Met Its Match?

Microsoft may have just flipped the tablet market on its head. Last week Microsoft unveiled its new tablet, the Surface, and it caused people to stop in their tracks. The Surface tablet will have two operating systems. One version will … Read More

Microsoft releases on{X}. Is this what Siri aspires to be?

Microsoft recently released a website and Android app combo that provides Android users with a totally new level of control. The best way we can describe it to think of Apple’s Siri personal assistant on steroids, but that may not … Read More

Yahoo Releases Web Browser Axis – Will It Save Yahoo?

Yahoo stepped into the world of web browsers last week. Yahoo’s attempt is to create a more visual world for search. They also plan to streamline your searches between devices. When you search on your smartphone, tablet, PC, Yahoo wants … Read More

Bing Introduces Linked Pages That Integrates With Facebook – Users Don’t Have To Create Google+ Account To Get Personalized Search Results

In the last week, Bing introduced a new feature called Linked Pages that allows people in the United States to connect their websites to their Bing identities. Bing’s feature is similar to Google’s “Search, plus your world” feature that they … Read More

10 Tips to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

These are 10 great tips published by the Microsoft at Work team that will help you keep your laptop, and its data, secure while you travel the world. Be careful. There’s always someone stalking potential digital victims. Avoid using computer … Read More

Windows Phone 8 Will Feature Massive Changes, According To Microsoft – Is the Smartphone Industry Being Put On Notice?

2012 will see Microsoft release Windows 8 and to compliment the new operating software, Microsoft has revealed that it will be making some major changes to its Windows Phone 8. In an effort to better integrate Windows 8 with new … Read More

Microsoft To Start Technical Preview Of Office 15 – Will Your Business Take Advantage Of The PC, Mobile, And Cloud Services?

Office 15 as Microsoft is calling it, is the next generation of Microsoft Office products and services. On January 30th, Microsoft announced, from their blog, that they were beginning a technical preview of the new office suite. The previewers would … Read More

Metro Design Principles for Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Xbox 360

Metro is the interface used by the Windows Phone, Windows 8 (the next version of Windows, currently in the preview phase), and the Xbox 360 (pictured below). Microsoft said at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show that Windows 8 will be … Read More