The Evolution of JASE from Technology to Creative

JASE does technology. JASE does technology well. After all, technology is where we began this journey. In the late 90’s and early 00’s we were designing websites, building content management systems, complex eCommerce applications, financial toolsets and intranets. Life was … Read More

Weekend JASE World Recap: Going Digital, Smartphone Websites for Google, Spence Crossing Websites Launches, Working with a Local Web Design Company, New School Advertising, Mother’s Day in Colonial Williamsburg

What happened this week in your JASE World? Here’s a quick recap. We’re Going Digital! Are you letting the cool technologies drive your ideas? The best campaigns are always idea-driven and consumer-focused, and then the medium falls into place naturally. … Read More

We’re Going Digital!

Are you letting the cool technologies drive your ideas? The best campaigns are always idea-driven and consumer-focused, and then the medium falls into place naturally. JASE Social Media Marketing JASE Creative Advertising image credit: marketoonist

Facebook Bug Causes Page Insights To Be Misreported – Admin Data Has Been Incorrect For Months

According to Facebook, in an attempt to speed up its iOS and Android apps, Facebook accidentally stripped out too much data about news feeds post by Pages. The resulting impact was that Page Insights have been negatively misreported for months, … Read More

Instagram Launches Complete Full Image Feed For Web Browsers

Instagram announced this week that its full feed has made its way to the web. This means that you no longer have to access Instagram through your smartphone to gain access to all of IG’s features. The web-based feed comes … Read More

Statigram: Your Web Persona

Once the popularity of Instagram exploded on the iPhone, the two developers knew they had changed the way users share and edit photos.  Short thereafter, Instagram was acquired by Facebook to create an enhanced mobile photo sharing experience.  The two … Read More

Microsoft releases on{X}. Is this what Siri aspires to be?

Microsoft recently released a website and Android app combo that provides Android users with a totally new level of control. The best way we can describe it to think of Apple’s Siri personal assistant on steroids, but that may not … Read More

Startup SendHub Debuts iPhone App – Here To Challenge Google Voice – Are Free Products Really That Reliable?

Last week startup SendHub debuted its iPhone app in an attempt to bring its web services to the mobile platform. The app will allow users to send group messages , manage auto-responders, and add contacts. The primary feature of SendHub … Read More

Top 5 Norfolk Inbound Marketing Agency Blog Articles of Last Week – Windows Metro, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Xbox 360

HRVA – Each week we check our analytics profiles and marketing numbers to see which articles we published that were the most popular for our Norfolk readers. Last week’s top 5 Norfolk Inbound Marketing Agency blog articles focused on Windows … Read More

Tablet News App Zite Introduces Publisher’s Program To Help Promote Publisher Content

Tablet app Zite has announced a new wrinkle to its popular mobile app. Zite released a new Publisher’s Program that creates publisher specific sections to partner with its subject based sections. Zite has been a popular tablet app for the … Read More

Breaking News: Mark Zuckerberg Announces Facebook Has Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that Facebook has acquired the popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram. It is being reported that Facebook will pay $1 Billion in cash and stock for Instagram, which has exploded in popularity over the last … Read More

New Mobile Facebook Feature Makes Liking & Commenting on Your Facebook Business Page Simple

Have you noticed an increase in your Facebook interactions lately? You would if you were keeping your page followers engaged with cool content (we will get to that point shortly). The increase in likes and comments may be a result … Read More

JASE Launches New Mobile Website To Better Spread The Word About The Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

Late last week JASE Group launched JASE Mobile, a new mobile version of our website. The mobile website will provide current and prospective clients with better access to need-to-know JASE Group contact information, as well as current inbound marketing industry … Read More

Top 25 Most Viewed Blog Articles on in 2011

Do you really need a GUID in your Database Design? It’s Been Nice Knowing You, Flash Silverlight, Flash and the Future of HTML5 The Dangers of the Cloud – Apple Siri Goes Offline Adobe Drops Mobile Flash Player Development To … Read More

Word Lens App For iPhone May Change Social Media & Creative Advertising

Word Lens, a mobile app for the iPhone, from creators Otavio Good and John DeWeese is well on the way to changing international communication. Imagine being anywhere in the world and being able to communicate all with the help of … Read More