Microsoft Office On Android Tablets

Microsoft announced this week that they’re increasing their partnership with 20 new Android tablet production companies. Microsoft is pushing to have its Microsoft Office apps on every platform, especially on their home screens. Will you be using Microsoft Office on … Read More

Another Day, Another Update: Twitter Partnering with Nielson to offer Brand Surveys

Twitter is on a roll. First a new look, then updated iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Now they have announced a partnership with ratings service Nielson to offer brand surveys to users’ news feeds. The brand surveys are a tool … Read More

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Adobe Drops Mobile Flash Player Development To Focus On HTML5

Adobe has decided to stop development of its flash player plugin for mobile browsers to shift its focus to HTML5 development and various other Adobe projects. There were several reason that Adobe’s Mike Chambers gave, in a blog post on … Read More

Mobile Applications Are Everywhere – Does Your Company’s App Solve A Problem?

Mobile apps are everywhere, over 500k for iOS, over 200k for Android, and on and on. There are mobile applications for every aspect of life and users flock to them like crazy; to the tune of 18 billion iOS downloads … Read More

How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections To All Your Devices and Address Books

Tired of having different contacts on different social communities or devices? Many people have different Facebook friends from LinkedIn connections and to complicate matters worse there are different devices with different contacts. Work devices, personal devices, yet the overlap of … Read More

Blackberry #1 In Foursquare Usage – More New Signups Than Any Other Mobile Device Platform

Foursquare made an appearance at the BBM Hackathon with some proud data they were excited to share with everyone in attendance. Since Foursquare’s integration with Blackberry Messenger, Foursquare has experienced huge success as a record number of users have jumped … Read More

Apps Dominate Mobile Device Usage Time – Have You Adjusted Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Mobile devices continue to evolve and users continue to flock to the mobile device market. As a result mobile applications are soaring in usage time. Consequently, increasing demand is being placed on inbound marketing strategies to target mobile devices users. … Read More