Ad-Supported Landline Phones Launched at Denver International Airport

What’s your worst nightmare in an airport (well besides a cancelled flight)? For me, its a cell phone with less than three percent battery life and no charging station in sight. It happens to all of us, you need to … Read More

Google Testing Icons To Identify Smartphone Optimized Websites In Search Results

In an attempt to make search easier on smartphones, Google is testing the placement of icons next to search results. This icon, in the shape of a smartphone, would indicate that the website returned in the search query is optimized … Read More

Flickr Upgrades Security Features with “Geofences” with Privacy In Mind

As mobile phone technology continues to progress, many users continue to take advantage of the upgraded cameras, and the ease of access to share those photos that are taken. One of the evolutions of mobile phone technology that gets overlooked … Read More