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Facebook’s Mobile Revolution

47% of Facebook users only access the massively popular social community from their mobile phones. No laptops. No tablets. Only from their phones. We’ve been talking about that mobile revolution for a long time. Umm, it’s almost here with that number … Read More

Google Smartphone Mobile Site Study: Link Between Mobile-Friendly Sites and Sales Leads

What is a quick way for a retail company to lose a potential customer? Answer: To have a website that is not mobile-friendly. If your target audience is primarily mobile users, a website that is not optimized for smartphone use is like slamming … Read More

Twitter Brings New Updates To Mobile Website, Feature Phones, And Low-bandwidth Networks

Twitter is working hard to make sure their users stay happy and stay on Twitter. In the past couple of months Twitter has released a couple of new updates to its social community that have brought about great new features. … Read More

Analytics Company Medio Systems Debuts Cloud Based Analytics Suite To Determine Customer Insights

Every ounce of data that a company can analyze creates a competitive advantage. The companies that are successful are usually ones who are able to effectively analyze data and remain flexible to ever changing market conditions. Predictive analytics company Medio … Read More