SQL Server 2012 RC0 Released

The first release candidate of SQL Server 2012, formerly called Denali, has been released.  Though Microsoft notes several changes from CTP3 in terms of reliability and efficiency, there have been almost no changes since CTP3 to the database engine’s syntax.  … Read More

Proper Exception Handling in .NET

When an error occurs in your application, it creates an “exception” – a disruption to the normal course of execution of the program.  Most modern languages support a way to handle these exceptions – in .NET, there are three portions … Read More

Will Developers Finally Be Happy With Internet Explorer 9?

Since last week’s release of Internet Explorer 9, reaction in the blogosphere has been pretty overwhelmingly positive.  Winsupersite.com has an outstanding review.  HotHardware.com performed two benchmark tests – in both of them, IE9 blew IE8 out of the water and … Read More

C# Dynamic Type – Just Because It Compiles Doesn’t Mean It’s Right

One of the least appealing features of BASIC was that it was a weakly typed language.  “Weak typing” or “informal” typing means that the language lacks restrictions on declaring variables or that the language will implicitly convert variables behind the … Read More