Technology vs Nostalgia-RSS Feeds vs Newspaper

​I want to read the newspaper; I really do. It’s very nostalgic for me remembering my Father sitting at the breakfast table everyday sharing the news of yesterday. But that’s just it-even today, the newspaper is yesterday’s news. My feedly.com … Read More

A Strategic PR Plan Is More Than Just A Press Release

Managing finances in your small business can be difficult. Trying to determine where to save and where to spend can often force you to make some costly decisions. When it comes to public relations, the efforts you make for your … Read More

HARO – Connecting PR Professionals with Industry Journalists

As a small business owner you probably wear several titles -director of sales, marketing manager, PR coordinator – just to name a few.  As you work toward building media relations, you may struggle with developing fresh media contacts and/or pitching … Read More

Online Media Campaigns Offer Measureable Results

Extra, extra read all about it: the print media industry is on its last legs. Over the last decade, print media has seen a steady decline in readership and subscribers. In recent years iconic newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, … Read More

Newsday iPad App Commercial Upsets Apple

It looks like the folks at Apple got a little upset over this Newsday iPad app commercial. Seems kind of silly but it does fit the culture of Apple. Funny video regardless.