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Google Is Telling Us SEO Is Nothing Without Content Marketing – Is Your Small Business Finally Listening?

Google is the leading search engine, by means of queries, in the world. But it does not matter if the leader is Google, Bing, Yahoo or One factor is constantly being emphasized, and that is quality organic content creation. … Read More

3 Tips on Website Redesign & SEO Strategies to Kick Start Your Business

Many companies have different reasons for updating their websites. Last week’s post mentioned the need for a facelift or redesign based on an outdated look of the website. Often, an updated website can result in decreased page views, decreased consumer … Read More

No Summertime Blues with Google Penguin 2.0 & Quality SEO Strategies

Google’s Matt Cutts recently previewed a few of Google’s summer plans via his blog. The latest round of Google upgrades are designed to help small to medium size businesses and their webmasters. If all of Google’s plans come to fruition, … Read More

5 Small Business Blogging Tips

Small businesses more and more are understanding the value of spending time  online shaping their digital footprint through social media marketing. In fact surveys show small businesses spend on average 6-10 hours a week on social media marketing. So where do surveys … Read More

JASE Group’s Tips To Writing A Successful Blog Post

Writing a blog article can be fairly straightforward. Blogs allow you a forum to express your opinion or distribute information, but what happened when your hard work goes more unnoticed than you would hope? Why do some articles get more … Read More

Is Your Business Leveraging The Power Of Social Media?

We are not talking about being a part of social media communities. Every business is on one social network or another, but does your business maximize its return on its investment? Money is tight; the dollar doesn’t go as far … Read More

Say Goodbye To Yesterday’s SEO – Say Hello To Inbound Marketing

We have been saying for some time now. “Inbound marketing is today’s SEO“, and with every day that passes it becomes more evident. How is inbound marketing “Today’s SEO”? Search engines have always dictated what techniques/strategies are necessary to rank … Read More

Google’s Matt Cutts Announces At SXSW That Google Will Penalize “Over-optimized” Websites

A couple of weeks ago at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, Google’s Matt Cutts revealed that Google is working on a search ranking penalty for websites that are “over-optimized”. With Google’s update they intend to create a level playing … Read More

Lead Nurturing Content: Does Your Organic Content Fit Your Target Audience and Promote Sales?

Studies show that businesses that invest in lead nurturing can generate more sales ready leads at less cost than businesses who do not invest in lead nurturing. There are several factors that contribute to the success of your lead nurturing … Read More

The Goal Of Content Marketing In An Inbound Marketing Campaign – What Businesses Should Know About Content Creation

Blog articles, white papers, webinars, videos, podcasts –  all of these are forms of organic content that, if created effectively and purposefully, can work wonders for your business. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have placed a premium on … Read More

Is Your Organic Content Boosting Your Company’s Social Signal? Your SEO Visibility May Be Suffering

There are 2 main principles at the top of a successful SEO strategy. Quality Organic Content Creation Inbound Link Building Following those two principles have been a tried and true formula for a successful increase in your website’s visibility in … Read More

Yahoo’s Associated Content Forced To Change Due To Google’s Panda Algorithm

In 2010 Yahoo purchased Associated Content and at that time the Associated Content website was responsible for publishing 10,000 new pieces of content per week.  Since Google launched its Panda SEO update earlier this year, 66% of the content that … Read More