LinkedIn Gets Hacked!

LinkedIn, the professional social media network that links business professionals with each other was recently hacked. The security breach leaked 6.46 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords. The breach exposed the vulnerability of LinkedIn’s encryption system. LinkedIn responded to the security crisis … Read More

Another Day, Another Security Breach

In the news over the last week, names, birth dates, email addresses, and encrypted password hashes were stolen from Sega’s “Sega Pass” network.  (In other news, Sega still exists.)  Several weeks ago, 180 passwords were stolen from an organization called … Read More

Data Encryption in .NET

The recent Gawker incident should serve as a reminder to all of us that password security is not something that can be taken for granted.  Gawker is a popular culture blog site and they own or are affiliated with a … Read More

I Have Your Password – Who Else Has Your Password?

This is a post from guest blogger Anthony Gartner of Computer-Net Solutions. Computer-Net Solutions is an IT Services provider for small businesses. How many passwords do you have? Does someone have your password? How do you protect yourself from this? … Read More