Technology vs Nostalgia-RSS Feeds vs Newspaper

​I want to read the newspaper; I really do. It’s very nostalgic for me remembering my Father sitting at the breakfast table everyday sharing the news of yesterday. But that’s just it-even today, the newspaper is yesterday’s news. My feedly.com … Read More

We Love the Flipboard App on our iPad – How Do You Use Flipboard?

We use tablets daily at our JASE offices in Hampton Roads. Our current tablet of choice is the Apple iPad, and we have really come to love one app in particular. Flipboard is that app and it is our favorite … Read More

Subscribing To Our Digital Media Blog Is As Easy As Pie

Gaining access to the hottest digital media information in Hampton Roads is easy. And best of all, it’s free! You can sign up for our blog through the RSS feed and get digital media information delivered straight to your RSS … Read More

What are RSS Feeds?

Seth Sutel, an AP Business Writer wrote a great end-user article that Yahoo! News published on the topic of RSS feeds. Sutel explains, RSS which stands for “Really Simple Syndication” is a kind of computer code that allows you to … Read More