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5 reasons you should be using video in your marketing strategy

Are you using video on your website? You should be. Here are a few reasons why, beginning with SEO to draw visitors to your kingdom. Video works wonders for SEO. Short video. Long video. Doesn’t matter which. Upload a video … Read More

Dutch Court Rules Samsung Galaxy Tablets Do Not Infringe On iPad’s Design

Apple says Samsung’s Galaxy tablets rounded corner designs on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablets infringe upon the design of the iPad. Apple felt strongly enough about this situation to take Samsung to court. … Read More

PriceGrabber Finds that Black Friday is now Black Week

Black Friday is now known as Black Week, according to leading online shopper site PriceGrabber. This year Thanksgiving sales started before Friday and extended throughout the week. According to a recent survey, from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, PriceGrabber experienced a 14 … Read More

Finding Success on Google+

Google+, the social media network powered by Google, celebrated its one year anniversary on June 28. Since its launch many have tried to find a place to fit on Google+ and there are quite a few brands that are doing … Read More

Samsung Galaxy Beam: First Projector Smartphone – Will It Revolutionize Small Business?

One of the many challenges of small businesses is client meetings. Large conference rooms with fully equipped projector systems are not always available, yet in today’s digital world presentations are a must. The invention of the tablet computer has helped. … Read More