New 2012 Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial- Jerry Seinfeld Wants The First One – Jay Leno Beats Him To It

Acura has a new NSX and Jerry Seinfeld must have it. Jerry will do everything to be the first one to have it, he will even throw in the Soup Nazi, but someone will beat him to it. Check it … Read More

The Barkside – Star Wars Volkswagen Spoof Super Bowl Commercial

Who doesn’t love the Star Wars – Volkswagen commercials? The little kid as Darth Vader? Really? Come on, that was too funny. Well this year Volkswagen is back with the “Barkside” with the help of some furry friends. Check it … Read More

Kia Optima Sandman Brings The Dream Car To Reality In This Super Bowl Commercial

Kia has reinvented itself with its product line and with its attention grabbing commercials. Kia comes up big again with its Super Bowl commercial for this year for its new Kia Optima. Check it out: MARKETING TAKEAWAY I really think … Read More

Proctor & Gamble Decides Terry Crews & Old Spice Should Hijack The Bounce Super Bowl Commercial

Terry Crews has made a living crashing through walls in Old Spice commercials, now Proctor & Gamble feels he should crash other P&G commercials too. One of the early Super Bowl Sunday commercials that Proctor & Gamble have released has … Read More

Hampton Roads Weekend Ticket: Superbowl XLVI Is Here – But Until Then, Check Out These Great Happenings Around The 757

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