Does pay-per-click work?

Today’s business tip delves into PPC, Google searches, and Google’s revenue from search. We also talk about the new JASE digital media marketing packages that will surely wow-your-pants-off! Fill out the quick webform below and we’ll get the information to … Read More

Online Reputation Management: When You Google Your Brand, What Does It Tell You? Ask Mitt Romney

Have you tried Google-ing Mitt Romney lately? Maybe you wanted to learn more about the Governor and his presidential campaign. Well if you googled “Romney” the second result you would find is a satirical website, ““, aimed to make fun … Read More

Yahoo! Powered by Bing Found In the Wild

We knew this was coming – an alliance between the Yahoo! search engine and Bing search engine. Yahoo! and Bing will work together. Yet, Yahoo! and Bing will compete in the same search space. An interesting endeavor, indeed. Search Alliance … Read More