Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down – Google+ & Google Hangout are Here To Stay

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JASE Group’s Tips To Writing A Successful Blog Post

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Infomercial Presence on the Web

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Google Knowledge Graph And Its Impact On Search Engine Results

Last week we talked how Google had removed “Google+ People and Places” in favor of content from their “Knowledge Graph” in an attempt to give the user more of what they want. Now, instead of promoted brands and people in … Read More

Bing Introduces Linked Pages That Integrates With Facebook – Users Don’t Have To Create Google+ Account To Get Personalized Search Results

In the last week, Bing introduced a new feature called Linked Pages that allows people in the United States to connect their websites to their Bing identities. Bing’s feature is similar to Google’s “Search, plus your world” feature that they … Read More