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JASE Group Inbound Marketing & Advertising Agency home page Do you really need a GUID in your Database Design? Inbound Marketing & Advertising Agency Blog It’s Been Nice Knowing You, Flash JASE University What is Inbound Marketing? Silverlight, Flash and … Read More

Silverlight, Flash and the Future of HTML5

Silverlight 5 was released last week.  It has a number of new features, the most interesting of which by far is the 3-D engine. Another useful control is the PivotViewer – a class for displaying large amounts of data to … Read More

Reviewing LightSwitch App Development Tool & How You Can Put It To Use

Microsoft LightSwitch is a rapid application development tool for creating three-tier cloud-based applications.  We are going to examine the process of creating a simple application in LightSwitch and then answer the question of how this development tool can be used … Read More

Windows 8 – What does the Future of Windows look like?

Last week, Microsoft previewed Windows 8.  We don’t know when it will be released.  Microsoft said in October 2010 that Windows 8 was then roughly two years away. The central feature previewed is the new “start” screen (shown in the … Read More

What ever happened to XBAP?

When Microsoft released Windows Vista and its new Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML Browser applications, or XBAPs, were highly touted as answering a major dilemma for enterprise-level systems.  When creating software for use in an environment with more than a few … Read More

.NET Code Obfuscation

One of the key features of the .NET is that assemblies (a fancy name for DLLs and EXEs) created in a .NET language are compiled to an intermediate step and use a common language runtime, or CLR, rather than being … Read More

Shouldn’t Creative Support the Brand?

Our graphic design artists understand that your organization is unique. Our team’s goal is to provide you with an efficient, creative design respecting your brand identity channeling the thought process through the complete collateral catalog. For your website needs, interactive … Read More