Technology Can Be Your Friend With Those JASE Guys on Your Team

Jack Welch said, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.” Don’t let the end of your business be near. Make sure you have a partner like … Read More

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, May 4-10 – Did you see us on SportsCenter?

Did you see us on SportsCenter this weekend? That’s right–Nicole and I made the national sports news at the Braves vs Nationals game on Saturday in DC. Check out the screenshot of the video clip at the bottom of this … Read More

Microsoft Office Goes Free

That’s right. Microsoft is giving away Office for free. 10.1″ is the new cutoff for Microsoft when determining if a device is personal or business. If your devices, or one of your devices, are under 10.1″, then you get the … Read More

Skype and Microsoft – Powering Your Mobile Device with Video Call Capability

Three months ago Microsoft acquired Skype, and for three months plenty of people have been speculating as to what Microsoft is going to do with the internet telephone/video calling giant. Vice President and General Manager of Products and Marketing, Neil … Read More

Google+ Hangout VS. Facebook Video Chat With Skype – Will you have a preference?

This is it. This is what the social media “turf war” is all about, open competition, may the best man win. Today Facebook held a press conference to announce some new features they are rolling out. They were unveiling group … Read More

Yo Facebook, I Won’t Let You Compromise My Skype Security Also!

This article was taken from our CEO’s personal blog. Keith Parnell is a regular blogger at and a participant here in our digital media world. Hey Zuckerberg, nice try. I’ve written before that I understand the LACK OF security … Read More