JASE Group Hires New Digital Brand Manager

JASE Group LLC (jasedigitalmedia.com) has hired Cameron Muro as Digital Brand Manager. Mr. Muro will support the company’s strategic plan by actively engaging in planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating implementation of all inbound marketing and communication efforts. Norfolk, VA, May … Read More

The Software Development Process According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Computer, create a database for all historical references to the Orbs, including all reports of any unexplained phenomena in Bajoran space,” Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax asked the computer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. “Initializing database. Requested function will require … Read More

JASE Group Hires New Business Development Manager

JASE Group LLC (jasedigitalmedia.com) has hired Rick Parnell, a Wilmington-based Business Development Manager, who will help expand the company’s market reach in the North Carolina / South Carolina region. Norfolk, VA, September 1, 2011: JASE Group LLC (jasedigitalmedia.com) has hired … Read More

Looking for Software Development or Custom Application Build Help?

JASE offers web application programming expertise in building enterprise solutions for inventory control, shipping processes, Intranet and Extranet portals, eCommerce websites, secured transactions and communication, scheduling, or customer satisfaction tracking.  You name it – the JASE team can build it to … Read More

We Added the Facebook LIKE Button, Come See

We have added the Facebook LIKE button to our blog. Through the magic of PHP programming, our crack software team quickly implemented the syntax to the codeset of our WordPress blog and, voila, now you can “like” our digital media … Read More