Knowing What is Important – Project Management, Software Engineering, Requirements Gathering – Understand First

Back before Simon Baker was The Mentalist, he used to star in a show called The Guardian.  There was one episode where his character – a high-powered corporate attorney named Nick Fallin – was hired to buy a company for … Read More

The Software Development Process According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Computer, create a database for all historical references to the Orbs, including all reports of any unexplained phenomena in Bajoran space,” Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax asked the computer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. “Initializing database. Requested function will require … Read More

Hiring a .NET / SQL Server Developer

JASE has an immediate need for a full-time / contract software engineer with extensive experience with the .NET Framework, including C# and VB.NET. The engineer will also have extensive experience and be proficient with Microsoft SQL Server. Position: .NET / … Read More

Reviewing LightSwitch App Development Tool & How You Can Put It To Use

Microsoft LightSwitch is a rapid application development tool for creating three-tier cloud-based applications.  We are going to examine the process of creating a simple application in LightSwitch and then answer the question of how this development tool can be used … Read More