SQL Server 2012 RC0 Released

The first release candidate of SQL Server 2012, formerly called Denali, has been released.  Though Microsoft notes several changes from CTP3 in terms of reliability and efficiency, there have been almost no changes since CTP3 to the database engine’s syntax.  … Read More

SQL Server Dates – What’s New in SQL Server 2008?

One of the major new features in SQL Server 2008 was a revamping of the date-related data types.  In previous versions, SQL Server only offered datetime and smalldatetime. Datetime supports dates from 1753 until 9999, with precision to approximately one … Read More

Storing Unstructured Content in SQL Server

One of the questions that gives engineers heartburn is the question of how to store unstructured content for their application.  When we speak of “unstructured content”, we are talking about text, HTML, images, Word docs, etc.  Unstructured content may be … Read More