Zynga Reveals New Zynga.com, Separate From Facebook. Investors Applaud. Stock Soars.

Social gaming company, Zynga, has struggled in its time on the public market. Outside of the spike it received when Facebook went public, it has been a less then stellar performer. The reason for the struggle has been credited to, … Read More

Facebook Files IPO – Opts For $5 Billion Instead of $10 Billion – What Does This Mean For The Social Media Giant?

Facebook will file paperwork for its initial public offering today to be set at $5 billion. Morgan Stanley will be the lead underwriter, with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, and JP Morgan completing the team of … Read More

When Will Facebook Make Its IPO? Or Is The Better Question, Why Would Facebook Make An IPO?

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Pandora Joins the Public Social Media Train with its IPO

Pandora is primed to take a big step forward with its Initial Public Offering. The music streaming giant is just the latest social media establishment to go public, joining the likes of Fusion-io, LinkedIn, and Yandex; all of which saw … Read More

LinkedIn IPO Spreads Its Wings – Does Social Media Marketing Now Fit For Your Small Business?

LinkedIn went public yesterday with huge anticipation for it’s early results from its IPO. There was a lot of speculation as to exactly how the market would react to LinkedIn’s initial public offering, primarily to serve as a barometer for … Read More